Magic by Coldplay Review

Early this morning, Coldplay released Magic, the second song off their new album Ghost Stories, set to release on May 19, 2014. This single follows the release of Midnight, and bears a much lighter tone than the previous song. Both songs are created in a considerably simpler style when placed side by side with the previous album of Mylo Xyloto. 

Magic, to me, uses this simpler style in the best of ways. The main draw to the song becomes Chris Martin’s vocals, yet even when he singing with vibrato his voice doesn’t overpower the melody and rhythm. Instead, both lyrical and and instrumental content combine beautifully in the song, leaving me to find a new detail to love about it each time I listen through it.

Magic and Midnight have both left me with high hopes for this era of Coldplay. Ghost Stories is currently available through preorder on itunes, and a deluxe edition, offering three bonus tracks, is available for preorder through target.

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