Sounds On, Listen Up

And we’re live! More or less. welcome to Music Unlabeled, a joint venture between myself (Cortlyn) and my friend Anna! Now, we’re still getting into the swing of things, so the posting schedule’s going to be a bit sparse for a while. Posts will be made on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the time being. As time goes on and we get the hang of this new blog, that schedule will increase, as will the type of content we’ll be posting. 

As for the content itself, we’ll be starting small with simple reviews for albums, singles, and videos. Eventually though, we’ll branch from that to some minor news articles and concert reviews. Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll be able to do a few interviews. We’ll definitely have some thematic posts, we even have one in the talks right as we speak. 

Until then, let’s jam.

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